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Friday, July 26, 2013

"H.O.N.O.R (I Get Lonley Too)" (Full Version)

                    "H.O.N.O.R (I Get Lonley Too)"                          
                    (Full Version)
                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

lincoln freed the slaves,
and the americans lived for alot of work,
feeling that god gave,
wasnt enough to the servants,
i was never a bad kid,
just alittle misguided,
never being there,
my dad,
and my mom pushing me away,
and the source of me not living,
i almost died,
some people just in it for the money,
the government is laughing,
like prostitutes and honey,
is the end of time coming,
see the world for what it really is,
and through your school learnings,
you'll be dumber than a preacher's kid,
that crys about the boys and girls they cant have,
and explodes when you tell them no,
thats just how he made us,
in this world im gonna have to grow.

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