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Sunday, August 21, 2016

"~repenting~ / ~known for along time~"

"~repenting~ / ~known for along time~"
By Arcassin Burnham

*Hypertonic*, *To a weight on my shoulders in a form of the*
*Devil's choke hold*,
*I'm a liability with no facility with any story that can be*
*Saw this day was coming,looking for the signs in almost*
*Everything that I stand for*,
*the world is endin' and theres no repentin' for a Messiah*
*in the topic all before*,

But now you're acting like you forgot,
There's is no Plan B,
You gotta get right with God,
If You Wanna Be Free,
My momma might not support my dreams,
*I'm A Spiritual Kid* , *God Will do right by me*,


I was predictively destined for your attention at the time and,
You gave me all of it...
Wasn't sure if you had a distance significant other,
But I had no time for it...

You missed your chance,
You let it slip,

I wanted you,
You didn't give a shit,

You had your life,
And I had mine,

Did you think of me or did You just lose track of time.

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