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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Somebody's Gurl" (Revived & Mastered)

"Somebody's Gurl"
By Arcassin Burnham

Butterflies and lakes,
Carry signals in and out
into the love gate,
If you're saying that I know her situation
i could probably relate,
Not wanting to do this all the time
But it cannot be replace,
I swear I love her
but she's just thinking that me and him are in a race,
I beat him to the punch and now I'm glad I'm in first place,

She is my dream to see the things that are right in front
Of me,
Don't think for one second I don't know about intimacy,
shes the girl for me in this life of death and luxury,
I made a promise to her long ago that we would be,

shes my history like no other in my dreams,
I take a short breath of the wrong air in this time,
take my hand and we'll run to the stream,
She said she use to be alright in my first line,

like bella and edward , we shine in the lights and sparkle
As if glistening was our middle names
fantasy teens,
kissin in the lake
is it still a dream?

Is she really still someone elses girl?
this i can't redeem.

😋"Sometimes I believe love is just a figment that pokes at the insides of your inner emotions , embrace it!".

- Arcassin Burnham

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