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Monday, August 15, 2016

"Pieces Of You" (📷by Saray Castillo)

"Pieces Of You"
By Arcassin Burnham

I see them there smiling at me as if I never stood a chance
Of keeping you in the first place,

But Honey you are long gone , only the pictures remain and
I still feel ashamed I let go,

*dont be discouraged*, *but I just miss your touch*,
You're old enough to punch me right in the nuts,
For treating you so cruel,
I found something better and she keeps me happy unlike
I won't take part in your demise,
See through your soul right through your eyes,
I'm troubled so I can't deny,
The feels when you date other guys,
Pieces of you are in my mind,
I have no time to dwell in shrine,
The anomaly of my whole life,
I pray for you , hope you are fine.

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