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Friday, August 5, 2016

THE RIGHT WAY 2 (Official)

By Arcassin Burnham

1. Together Pieces

I'm not a judgemental person equalizing accusations
To impress a minor audience full of devil's and demons
And the wicked and the sinful pacing back and forth to
Chronological melody desensitizing the brain and it's
Chemistry with movement and places to remember in
Photographs taking false imagery to a whole new
Kind of staff,
I was born to believe that Jesus died for our sins,
Lored into things that I couldn't hardly comprehend,
Putting back missing pieces and beating myself to
A pulp,
Learning what I could without phobias if they stalk.

2. YY

You might be 17 hours away just thinking about
Me In your pajamas making circles with your 
arms And laying out sheets of paper to start a
Portfolio of drawn faces and characteristics that
Only you could sort out seeing as how you just
Seen me a couple of weeks ago,
I'd rather go,
I'd rather show,
you in person how long I've been missing you,
I hope you know,
I'm kinda slow,
If I didn't see you message me just keep me in 
Your memories,
I'm missing all of your energy,
I know that your still into me.

3. Last Days Interacting

I am stronger than open seasons in red skies that burn as
Bright as the lies you tell me,
A sorry excuse for a friend that I will never claim,
You claim that you love me , your a fucking liar,
Not a fan of your attire,
Making bonds with a pedophile in your own digust and your
Taste for lust,
I can only imagine how you sleep at night,
The illusion that your love for me was valid,
But really not quite,
Your right! I'll never see the light,
I may not be perfect but this is way out of hand,
If you wanted to get back at me you could have dated my friends,
But your mind is that of a slow moving turtle or sloth,
I'm always two steps ahead of you when you tell me fuck off,
Now , don't say I ever told anything when he cheats on you,
I can't believe I wasted years trying create a life with you,
I have my reasons for why I am the way I am,
But you lack consistency in all the attention and glam.

4. But I Guess

Turn on the lamp and stray from the darkness within,
I don't know why we are all striked and covered with sin,
You're losing coverage from all the peers around you and,
Trying to kill some time without a single cringe,

°°°°°pull the wool from my eyes°°°°°
°°°°°Adventurous with demise°°°°°
( No matter what you dooooo) °°°°°have to-stay in the light°°°°°
°°°°°all your life , had to fight°°°°°
°°°°°african American boy with some weaknesses°°°°

Weaknesses that will get demolished and looked after 
So they won't occur again with all the good progress I've 
Been making,
I've been,
Putting guards up obtaining comfort in my own surrounding,
Looking after myself is the number priority occurring.

5. Lucid Dreaming

Don't look,
Don't open my eyes,
I look within,
To realize,
What my whole deal is,
As it gets,
Take your pick,
Your the expert,
I got to leave all this behind,
Can't be like this my whole life,
Picking your poison,
And your ivy to,
Looking decent in your favorite jeans,
Worthy cannibal,
Yeah your pretty cute,
Pretty as in pretty , and as cute as the soul in you,
Look at whos
Flirting with you,
So subliminal,

Loo-sing-you is no big-deal,

Insomnia is coursing through my veins as we speak
In tongues and reminisce about the feeling of kissing
Your lips in my dream state,
Was so sweet like cheesecake,
With my knees straight,
Forward like I'm coming off as crucial to them,
My brain cells are dancing to all the track's of
She mind controlled me to make her lust when the
Lights were dim,
And all the other females are reality Sims.

Loo-sing-you is no big-deal.

6. Curling Thumbs

I will love you from the acne on my face to
The scars on my legs and the sweat and the 
Shame that I feel to be obligated to impress you in
Every contingency , ya feelin' me,
The grass fields were just telling me about your struggling
And your weekends with all your friends convincing
Me to see your family in the condition I'm in , ya feelingme,
I could travel through the stars and the galaxies just to find,
And remind you,
That your adored,
Even though you have the issues,
I could be a reminder of what use to be not your dying need,
To be worried,
About much of anything,
Even though I can not tell you,

I will love you til your days are numbered in the rain and the
Thunder preparing you for a watery grave just like it did to my
Conscience making me curl my thumbs,
I'm going numb.

7. Third-Eyed Horses 

Noble steeds,
You said your prayers,
Pull the wool,
Times have changed,
You will never let your children turn to fools,
No matter what,
Give the seed,
Settled down,
No regrets,
Create a life,
You will be bound,
Hopefully, your Princes and princesses will make you proud,
Have a life,
So they could put their parents in a home,
You refused,
Now you're staying in your daughters guest room,
~ Present day, ~
Feeling isolated from the world you know,
It don't make alot of since if you don't know,
I could give fuck if you recognize me,
Put my guard up for all my enemies that stay with me,
Just as long,
As the spirits give their kindness all to me,
In the mean time I will do whatever's best for me,
Take no pity from anyone in regards for sympathy,
Killing all of them with kindness carrying the empathy,
Third eye.

8. Green Eyes Riddim

Positive intake,
Follows you down to the lake,
Wise crack on a clean slate,
This happiness you can't take,
Smoke in the air , full of blaze,
Olive green eyes to the face,
Like the devil's incline to this phase,
Flame will reflect just in case,
The dark of the Moon and the the light of the sun
Has chosen it's prophet declaring that times will
Be a lot warmer because of this beauty that I am
Experiencing has me so sprung that the roses will
Blossom with ease along with the grass and the trees,
Which is just how much you mean to me,
This is dedicated to all the lovely green eyed females
That has no other choice than but to be absolutely
Nothing but attractive,
That don't get enough credit for being who they are
Which are angels of this realm,
Surely you can tell,
The Infatuations active.

9. 1:08

It sounded like nightcore on the edge
Of a cliff looking to the night sky with
a hearted sleeve,
It felt like love on a Sunday afternoon
Like all the others sacrificing all your
Fears and dreams,
It smelled like the silver crust on a piece of
Chewing gum just making popping
Noises from the same scheme,
It looked as bright as day when it 
Shines that all you see is all that you
Can truly believe,

You made it seem like those senses didn't
Matter creating melodies dedicated to all
Your enemies,
Are you hearing me?
I noticed it all love.

10. The Mistake Of Letting Go

**I got no time for all your mess and all your bickering**,
**I know i messed up in the past it could be sickening**,
**the mistakes of letting go I can't forgive myself**,
**when it's bright at dawn I change the padlock to my**
**heart and dreams**,

**I got no time for all your mess and all your bickering**,
**I found love at the lake it smelled like Irish springs**,
**I just gotta say.... where were you when I needed help**,
**heads not on straight to the sound of the music and the**
**lighting of the solar beams**.

11. The Docks

Cute dress with a smile and a cup of coffee 
Sitting on the dock of the bay,
Stand still woman , I'm trying to get your
Eyes right,
According to my artful bouquet,
I was...
Thinking about the days where we would make
A perfect day into nights,
Use to pray you would stay,
And I......
Would love the lipstick smell engraved all over my skin
With the joy of really seeing your face,

Pressure is pressure it will never change,
Don't know where you come , can't encourage pain,
Aiming for the base of your heart like a gun range,
Don't trade in moodswings just to have the strain.

12. Repenting

Admitting all the wrong doing just to make it right with
the Lord And Savior for all of eternity just resting my
Sanity of being paranoid of short comings and demons
That out weight on my life and execute my thoughts of
Bringing what I owe to the man up stairs getting away 
From the black tar that burns the souls of the people
From the inside out and claiming their life as their own.

13. In Here Tonight

It awakes,
Like the fear to ache,
Opening my heart up to a force that loves and accepts
Any of my mistakes for I am a simple human being,
There's nothing in between,
Be my giving tree,
I'll build a box for you with Roses and letters glued to it
Like a mural,
I bet you didn't know I was an artist that's exquisitely
If the light,
Shines brightly,
Run to it ,
Don't you stop,
Then hold his hand tightly,
I got a proper dose of reality for ya, when I open up
My mouth it's like an lucidless coma,
When I tell you I have issues,
Don't expect you to understand,
As long as I see the angels I will be a better man,
The guy that left me and guy that was never there,
In here tonight call to the light and recite all my prayers.
Can't say she never cared,
My mom,
She'll always be there.

14. Diggin' This

Your complicated like the back to the future trilogy,
I'm diggin this if you are , sometimes I think selfishly,
Teenage stuff , nothing to get caught up arguably,
I'm diggin this if you are,

Use to compare you to that stunning actress , noted Miss Ricci,
I got your name on my arm to express my love now baby,
I'll jump off a cliff for you and write you a discography,
I'm diggin this if you are.

15. Loose Leaves 

I notice every time I change for the better ignoring
My past and settling for better things and job offerings,
I put my passion aside for the angels to protect it in its
Day of needing comfort just so I could start Requieming,
I use to wanna write comic books and novels thinking
That I was a young stan Lee or Stephanie Myers despite
My effort to take advantage In making a masterpiece,
Let it rest in peace,
I seen better artwork from the loose leaves,
Falling desperately,
Entering the mind of a maniac , just say please.

16. D00M 

Gotta dance in the light,
Why not just let it be,
Soul flies like a kite,
First step to being free,
Gotta find the red door,
If you stumble cross the keys,
Have to right all your wrongs,
That's good enough for me,
Walk upon the other side,
Knows the whole biography,
Of your recent whereabouts,
Getting burned damagely,

Have to right all your wrongs...
Have to write all your wrongs...

You're not doomed eternally if you do the right things
That says alot about you as a person and your peers,
All the wishes and the fears,
You could make sure they get sheered , there's a lesson here.

17. The Strawberry From A.T.U

....*But I gave it all away*....

*Learning to live before I die so I'm studying basic*
*Instructions to gather my bad thoughts and mental*
*States to cooperate with the likes of a higher power*
*seeing all the truths and lies of this existence*,
*oh did I forget to mention*?
*learn*-*to live*-*before*- *you die*,
*learn*-*to live*-*before*- *you die*,
*the Grass is green*,
*the stars are bright*,
*the wars are growing*,
*it'll be alright*,
*learn*-*to live*-*before*- *you die*,
*learn*-*to live*-*before*- *you die*,
*life is too short*,
*not enough life you can absorb*,
*death settles the score*,
*but what all of us want is more*.

18. Runnin' Out Of Time

Your single , I'm single , 
the birds are singing, 
the grass is soft , and,
Your single , I'm single , 
the birds are singing, 
the grass is soft , and,

Tainted love will only drive you insane to gain another form of
Trust in case you think to much and hurt your brain and always
moving from place to place just to prove your worth,
Call it down to earth,
Knowing this won't work,
Anti-matter has its perks,
Still a slow learner,
Gotta let me know,
What's with the intentions,
Why you shout a single word into my ears,
Of course I have fears,
We all do,
So let me love you,
Life is short,
No virtue.

Your single , I'm single , 
the birds are singing, 
the grass is soft , and,
Your single , I'm single , 
the birds are singing, 
the grass is soft , and

19. Red Stripes

Very nice! Good job!
Yeah you're starting to impress me at least you're not
A slob,
Who are you with? What's your plan?
I know I  shouldn't trust you but your taking quite a

How you doing, what is up?
Not good at starting conversations why don't I just give up 
Should I start ,or should you,
Glancing at me quite a bit in the last few hours , it's up to
I'm just comfortable with my decisions,
Facing what I can not mention,
Things are complicated enough,
We just want an ascension,
Red strips on my shirts like where's waldo?
Sorry for random inconvenience , I need a taco.

20. Gloves

I must feel lucky...
Winning you over....
Count the blessings....
Thank God I'm sober....
Your inspiration.....
Ms. Can I get another minute.....
Or an hour or two.....
Even though we pivot,

Tight jeans screaming at the scenes of what's to gather,
Baby bear , momma bear , Papa Bear , family in convert,
Flowers blossom outside in the garden with pure bliss,
Insane actions with blood on your fist,

Don't make me take off the gloves in reaction times,
Don't make me take off my shoes cause my feet hurt,
Don't make me take off my shirt when we realize,
That your the only one I want for now all in due time,

Don't make me take off the gloves in reaction times,
Don't make me take off my shoes cause my feet hurt,
Don't make me take off my shirt when we realize,
That your the only one I want for now all in due time.

21. It Remains

You could blame the system for your father's
Disappearance regarding for what he's been
Through facing all these obstacles,
Have nothing to say if you possess a dark past,
Want nothing to do with all your reckless acts,
In life don't make sense at times that's why we
It stings,
When a human being dies and has been put into dirt
It makes you timid,
Life's too short but it remains complicated,
Your family is torn apart , mom and dad separated,
The love you had was gone , it moved to another state,
You try to cope but life doesn't allow you to relate.

22. Rusty Bumper

I hope that certainty cures my sanity,
In all of this mess,
I hope my anxiety doesn't lie to me then cheat on me,
With my stress,
Snap my fingers and the lights go out,
But unable to get any rest,
So I lay here in the darkness, 
Tired and cold,
This world can't tear me apart from myself, 
I will never cut myself on this rusty bumper, 
Maybe she forgot to tell her lover,
Maybe he forgot to tell his mom,
Maybe silence says a thousand words, 
Maybe salvation will come,
I hope that certainty cures my sanity,
When I talk it's like I can get out of anything, 
I tie my hands in hopes that I will never see
The light in anything. 

23. Rain On The Window

Sticking to it like fresh blood on a white
And tile bathroom floor,
Hiding my face in shame cause im stuck
Inside and i'm needing more,
Empathy to get me through the day so i 
Could sparkle bright as the river,
Sitting in a dark room but i should be thinking 
Things more clearer, 
goosebumps all over my chest,
I need a nap or maybe a rest,
Stored good memories in a safe place of my mind
But forget the rest,
I need to know that this is test,
You wanna throw away the key?  Then let's,
Stray off into a wonderland where all the
Creatures consider you a pest.

24. In Faith

To a box filled with rocks you are nothing
More than just a loose human being,
You pray to your false idols,
everything Goes down hill ,
it's just not what it seems,
Filled with all of the rage that you got from your
Past but you can not stomach dreams,
When life hands you lemons just take a breather
And cock back the gun and just squeeze,
Slang and suicide mixes but life will go on like 
Ghost of the Titanic,
There are so many questions,
When will we see our end?
When will we see each other panic?
Blazing with fire and acquainting the seasons of
Summer and fall,
Learning where all your conditions will end up
With suffering through it all,
In faith.

25. Loop Garden

This is a beautiful hell, 
I wonder what it wants,
I wonder If it'll prevail, 
have I done something wrong and is pretending right
Now not to remember cause it's kind of hard to tell,
This is a beautiful hell,
Filled with blue and purple roses, 
The smell is like a Sunday afternoon just cleaning 
The dishes and embracing the soap,
Thinking all your sins could be forgiven, 
But your mind moves in parallel,
This is a beautiful hell,
Get me out of this dream cause it's certainly 
Not a night terror,
Can't compare, 
The useless things to the more worthy things 
But I'm here,
In this loop garden where everything happens 
The same way it was meant to,
No outcome to the issue, 
just let them forget you.

26. Do Right By Someone

*Somethings coming my way*
*if its beautiful and full of love i'll let it stay*
*onging sessions have me in daze*
*today i'd say its not my day*

Hate to be the bear of bad news but
I have to let you know that I got someone 
To protect,
In my care,
I won't bare to see them hurt,
Their skin is cold like a blizzard, 
Id do anything for them besides to leave and
Cross the earth,

*somethings coming my way*
*facing dues without the pay*
*starting off on a clean slate*
*to do right by someone else is like a dream*
*of eating cake*.

27. Lets Go To Our Place

I like the style in you, 
In your yellow dress to impress,
The snow couldn't freeze your heart
In the dusk of the final hours it missed,
Reality hits you hard sometimes,
With a speckle of a near reaction, 
Such a pretty mouth when we kiss,
We reach the stars in the daylight, 
I want to make this special tonight, 
Skipping stones by the lake with your yellow dress flowing, 
Hearts so pure as this can not break,
Not even when it's snowing,
Lets go to our place and
Get away from
The human race,
Share similar shade, 
Not on your case, 
Love when you make that face,
That smile that grace in your walk,
The way you step , the way you dance,
Its incredible.

28. Midnight Loona

Wishes turn to prayers with all the lies and
The betrayal then you add in to the mix of
The feeling of hell and all it's angels turn
To demons, 
They prevail,
When the clock strikes twelve,
Putting you in harms way would be the best
Way considering the sacrifice in ones heart.

29. A Pretty Thing I Did At 3 am

Conversation escalated to an all out war,
Get a sense of realization when I walked 
Out of that door,
Took all my barrings with me even took
My clothes out of that closet,
Let my pride my take over and washed my
Hands in that disgusting faucet,
Cant let you know how i really feel,
I guess it's a quest if you wanna know 
what's real,
I made something pretty that I think you
Would like,
Its so florescent,
beautiful and bright,
That you'll  never leave it's sight.

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