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Thursday, August 25, 2016

"What It Was" (ft. Marryn Bridges)

"What It Was" (ft. Marryn Bridges)
By Arcassin B & Marryn B

**MB**: The sanity is unspeakable Out of all the things I've been through, 
Life is not perfect But it keeps me from loving you,
The imperfections of this world Have made it difficult to see 
The degree to which  It has harmed you and me So I wait, 
For the day when you'll return I will remain a speechless spawn,
These days I will learn That all the feelings are gone,
So even if you returned We would not last long The love that once
Was burned no longer exists, you may insist,
That it was I who caused this but it was you wrapped in your
Selfish ways, that pushed me away,
**AB**: The sanity is unspeakable Out of all the things I've been through,
I use to cherish the sight of you in surreal virtue,
But what is real , when it's virtual , that means that I can't have you,
The way that I intended to ,
The past could bring back memories of the things you had no
Control over ,
We pushed , and fussed and fight until you said that it was over,
On was a life sentence for the longest think what could have done 
Differently breaking your heart over and over,
But my heads under wraps and heart is on ice putting us on hold
If we ever come back to one another and the choices that we've made
Can no longer hold us accountable.

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