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Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Cupid's Voice Pt.1"

"Cupid's Voice Pt.1"
By Arcassin Burnham

He was a loss caused teen with daddy issues keeping
To himself everyday in his room with books of magic
And teleportation to get out of this town,
Missing the days when he was little and mom and 
Pops would show him more respect as a little addition to
The family more like a blessing as he was considered the
*Miracle child* around,
Went to school with iron fists and jean chains hanging
With the bad crowd like the emos mixed with nerdy rock
Fans that had no life just seeking attention from penny
Pulling a list of bullshit in his life at home,
Watching anime to make sure he was not alone,
The hostility with his dad , it was home grown,
Everything in his life was an utter joke to him,
But until he saw a *that girl* across the lunch room,
*Felicia Stone*,
So he asked his friend Joe ,
Who's *that girl* sitting over there with high heels
And that red shirt on,
"Oh her! *Her name's Felicia*, she transferred from Italy",
*Blue eyes like the Argentina oceans and her voice so*
Make boys fall down to their knees as they appease,
*It was like clouds and stars and rain in one room when*
*She stands up to throw her tray away*,
 probably thinking he's gonna say hey today,
Gets up , walks to the trash, throw it away,
Walks her direction, turns back around and doesn't
Go through with it.....

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