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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Holding Hands Riddim" (Full Version)

"Holding Hands Riddim"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Black tar in my heart but you came and took it out 
Of my consciousness letting the love that I have for
You go unmissed in this life,
In this world I transitioned to a boy that has no
Original value to a man that has a heart and knows
Where to start if we ever talked,
*You  think* - *I'm not* - *aware*,......
...*you don't have to say a thing*, *your beauty say a lot*
*with the features in my mind*,
*don't you give me that frown and those eyes*
*Not surprised to be broken down*,
*I know that you've been searching since he left*,
*so you saw my soul*,.....
*But you don't have to say a thing*......
*I love holding hands with you*,

*a wealth*-*that I *- *can share with you*,
*You don't have to say a thing* , *your beauty says a lot*
*With the features*,
*I know*- *that you've* - *been waiting*,
*for love to come sweep you off your feet*
*pretty baby*,
*the cold*- *will se*-*parate  us*,
*in a state of loss of the love that we had for each other*,....
*But you don't have to say a thing*,...
*I love holding hands with you*.

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