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Friday, August 19, 2016

"Young Wonder #3"

"Young Wonder #3"
By Arcassin Burnham 

#2 pencils for your thoughts,
A minor invite to let the words flow from ones inner chi,
Slipping through the cracks and tears of images and frames that
Makes the mind project the bad memories in paranormal states
Of thinking about dark figures appearing in front of you and 
Putting fear and feat inside while your body is paralyzed from
Head to toe in hopes that your soul will not get carried to hell as you 
Hear the voices,
Let the ocean and the sun shower over your phases and sins,
Being young is a giving, it's not an accomplishment,
Clicking heels and biting black fingernails,
Be as spiritual as the dawn and the shine on fifty cents,
Young Man , Young Lady,
They are one,


*Lucy's in the sky with diamonds tonight*,
*She's looking good*,
*Sparkles running through the vains of her eyes*,
*She knows it's just not fair*
I miss you just as much as you miss me even though you're
Never there,
*Up in the sky*.....
*I live to die*......
*a garden grave*....
*a garden grave*.....
There are no slaves in the valley,
It's more important than family,
Some people deal with it commonly,
But also has their own anatomy,
I'm glad I find it so challenging,
But I rely on strateging,
You can't escape from the happenings,
Don't let your heart end up in packaging.

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