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Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Past Fade" (📷by Saray Castillo)

"Past Fade"
By Arcassin Burnham 

*Dar Dar Dark*-*ness is*-*fu*-*tile*-*to this lit*-*tle*-*dream*
*I have*,
*hid*-*den in cre*-*vices of things*-*to the*-*ones I lack*,

The past is the past and even in the past seeing what I use
To lack and given up,
Confusion is nothing new to a couple of youngins' cruising 
On the country roads in a big truck,
Life is so much more precious than a diamond or a gem in 
hopes to shine bright as they were,
We all can not be perfect in a mellow dramatic world full of
Politics and secret purge,

*I I I*-*could be*-*everything*-*to all*-*of your*-*stonewalls*,
*you*-*break*-*them down*-*for me*-*and all*-*of your*-
*worries fall*.

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