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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"No Flying / Conceal"

"No Flying / Conceal"
By Arcassin Burnham

No education and nothing to fall back on,
Use to love the feeling of 10% off coupons,
Still betrayed after being the realist friend ever,
But not until I got caught up in all of my endeavors,
Guilty pleasures , broken feather, 
I can't fly to save my life in any direction I tethered,
I was always the outcast,
Everywhere I went was a nightmare,
Barely any support if it would last,
Still I pull the plug on any moments of the past,
They think I'm gonna fail in this house of horrors,
I honestly thought I wouldn't make it this far,
The more I wait , I gravel and just get more poorer,
The complications come from other people not my Sunday's best.


*You have my heart*,
*But you don't know it yet*,
*Use to love me*
*Now your just a silhouette*,

*I stay away from you*,
*for the time being*,
*I'm stuck in a virtue*
*that I kept secret*,

*I use to make you laugh*,
*and now you downgraded*,
*that was bad on my behalf*,
*when we were separated*,

*I try not to feel*,
*remembering you*,
*like sketches in my mind*,
*kissing you*,
*I cried with you*,
*try to forget me if you want to*.

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