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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ARCASSIN's Harmful Mix Pt.7

Harmful MIX Pt.7"

"First Touch / Hand Holding Riddim (snippet)"

By Arcassin B

Seen the lovin' coming from a mile away in my
Only line of vision with precision looking for a better
Future with her,
I search for growth in the dirt , I mean soil,
Granting me wishes that I solely deserve,
I got your feelings on a platter , you can't even get away from me,
The grass is greener everyday when you smile in anomaly,
The  trees growing in disproportionate commonly epitome ,
Didn't make no sense there but your skin so heavenly like Angels 
And their boastfulness and privileged to the recent decisions you make in your life
Thinking what I could have done if I had chosen the commandments over the
Unconsciousness world of evil at its finest component,
Wasn't ready for those moments,
I don't want my last moments,
To be a ball full of hate towards others that have not showed me respect,
You take that all in and recollect,
I'm retrospect,
Place your bet,
Love for an angel is a blessing sent,
From the Lord himself,
Gathering up all of my wealth....


....*a wealth-that I *- *can share with you*,
*You don't have to say a thing* , *your beauty says a lot*
*With the features*,
*I know*- *that you've* - *been waiting*,
*for love to come sweep you off your feet*
*pretty baby*,
*the cold- will se-parate  us*,
*in a state of loss of the love that we had for each other*,
*But you don't have to say a thing*,

*I love holding hands with you*.


By Arcassin B 

♦I know just what your thinking of,
You want me to come along in a mental state where I could hardly stand,
I can't be that man for you,
The more you learn the more you know about me,
The more you'll never doubt me,
The ship we sail just sounds astounding,
In the rivers of the valley,
.........Love Me,

♦Just hoping that we could find peace in a better setting such as this one,
Don't hide your face from my sight again,...
I got a nack,
When you react,
To kisses up and down your back,
You blame me for the sensual tension with that well-known fact.


By Arcassin B

Running through the mind like Street heat waves In the
Afternoon rushing to just to be a burden to your soul
In any manner that you should've displayed along
With the flaws and blurred pasted memories of family
You never knew containing all the emotions inside
Of the eye , skull and brain cells remembering nothing 
But past confrontations opening up your eyes for rude
Awakenings in the beds where the demons lie spreading
Their carnage and afflicting your life with things you 
Shouldn't have went through, I wish you Best my friend,
This is my ode to you.

"the next time you see me , You Won't"

By Arcassin Burnham

You hate me but a.......
You hate me but a.......
You hate me but a cop just shot an innocent woman
In her own home in front of her son,
You hate me but another terrorist attack could happen anytime
And you wouldn't know where to run,
You hate me but at times we don't get more justice in the Courtrooms
As we should,
You hate me but at times we think everything is real when it's just a 
bunch of cardboard and wood,
But you hate me,
I was regularly God's Baby,
When the physical did not wanna raise me,
His knocked up baby mama grazed me...
Out of the womb like a slave pealing out the grape seeds,
Everyday is crazy,
Like Hell over here smiling with the big teeth,
You should have never let her go,
Now she's smoking weed,
And giving away her virginity,
To a boy that was only for the fling.

Welcome to the world future daughter.

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