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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"X-Ray Of Joy"

"X-Ray Of Joy"
by Arcassin B

where do i look,
where do i start,
she fell for you,
she took my heart,
they keep on laughing,
but i'm appalled,
you get no where,
in your physical soul , he takes it all,
i made a vow,
the vow is broken,
what am i gonna do now,
time only tells for the people chosen,
see through my bones,
and you know i wouldnt hurt a fly,
but push my buttons,
and you'll see how much protection you can rely,
heart sleeping on the sleeve,
stayed for 16 years,
and wouldn't even believe,
a guy like me would even be a sleeze,
see through my organs,
make it as clear as possible,
dreamwaved my way out,
just to see if it is reliable,
with all the assholes , bitches , and jerks,
i would have been killed the cycle,
like the oneday sitting watching the clerks,
and reading the holy bible,
are you really dumb enough,
got a problem that needs fixing,
with you i know that its tough,
all your life, but what is missing?
a certain love,
that you founded feelings for,
or you could give it up,
doses of things forgotten before,
wish i would have met midnight sooner,
because i would turn your black skies blue,
horrible memory , but i remember,
it was real the love i had for you,
if i could be in the light of you,
with a little smoke in the air,
i would not be thinking about you,
in person , face to face,
with your long hair,
wasn't bluffing when i said i would fall out of place,
one of my hobbies would tending to care,
and love,
and kiss,
and hug,
and touch,
and smile,
just to feel the rush,
i swear your everything i need,
like more than anything,
take a look at my x-ray,
and make the angels sing.

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