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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Arcassin & Midnight Writer - "Cinderella Uncut"

Trapped in this castle all my life.
Never able to the forbidden sunlight.
I'm leaving this his dungeon far behind,
But I'm taking the darkness with me in my mind,
Leaving my troubles all aside,
And kept the demons away,
And for that I can't decide,
A much closer way to fate,
I try to leave ,
But he's telling me to stay,
Prince Charming is waiting for me, I'll meet him in a few.
This is no happy tale, but it still involves the glass shoe.
The shoes will come off, but I will not forget them at the ball.
The icy heel will be used to put my sisters heads on a all,
I'd rather take the fall,
And said I did it on an accident,
Then make my pesant that I call a mother,
Watch her grieve in a cold dent,
Then tell my fairy god mother to turn her into a person,
I've enjoyed more excitements but this one is really worth it,
I'm not just liberating myself, but I'm setting a kingdom free.
Ridding them of this wickedness for all eternity.
Celebrate, and rejoin, we will.
Once evil acts finally destroy evil,
Watch the world burn bright,
This feeling is not worth the shaking,
When I wear a beautiful dress,
Just know it was in the making,s
Dead by poison apple,
Guess Dorothy gets a turn,
To look death in the eyes,
To kiss his lips would be a lesson I'd learn,
some said i'd never make it as princess,
of course i dont believe them,
reminiscent towards the past of a child,
to never remember requiem,
i swear to god if anything,
ill turn into maleficent,
grow large wings,
and kill a whole army over and over again,
im dieing in the fear of needing love,
like romeo and juliet,
when i become a queen,
how i started i won't ever forget,

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