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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Whats Happening To Us (ft. SoulSurvivor)

"What's Happening To Us"
By Arcassin Burnham & SoulSurvivor

SS :
We're headed for a deep DEEP valley
Orange sky in tornado alley
Trouble just around the bend
Are you ready for it friend?
Kids don't have enough to eat
Mom n dad work but
Can't make ends meet
The price of gas is 
On the double
Life in this world
Just plain trouble
Christian people in despair
Unbelievers everywhere
Don't want to know
The eternal score
Don't want to listen

AB :
Six kids,
Two jobs,
What's a hard working mother got to do,
To get some hard earned money,
I know that you need it too,
People can't afford vehicles,
So they take the bus,
Why don't the presidents,
Just say yes , to us,
Instead you make us live,
In this demented world,
Heaven and hell still battling,
And what's with teenage girls,
More teen pregnancies in u.s alone,
Why don't they just leave that intimacy alone,
You should be greatful for our lord and savior,
Because without him,
Hearts will be turned to stone,

There IS a stone...
He's called The Rock....
His existence? 
More than talk.
If you don't listen
Tell you true...
Then that Rock's

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