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Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Friend Zone Pt.1"

"Friendzone Pt.1"
by Arcassin Burnham
she was 5'2,
black hair,
long nails,
prettiest personality,
hair flowing through the wind whispfully,
all round person as you can see,
but me,
i wasn't very talkable,
and even my darkest hour,
i wouldn't hold her accountable,
i swear feels like eachday would last til an eternity,
so grateful when i saw her,
and she noticed me,
wasn't in the best of moods,
she saw tthem in my body language,
picking out different girls to make me happy later,
i was astonished,
every night in her room talking about different things,
like the wedding dresses and the wedding rings,
not knowing i would do anything to make her say,
i love you and i do,
hoping the feelings change,
just know that i love you too,
going to the mall picking things out to make her smile,
since her last boyfriend haven't seen that in awhile,
thinking about the features,
if we had a child....

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