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Thursday, September 4, 2014

07."Becky" (E-X-S mini EP)

by Arcassin Burnham

....and while kissing her in the hallways,
im sorry you had to see that,
im know your kinda new here,
but you needed a guy for a fact,
troubled girl,
with some bad memories,
we've been in the same boat,
and the day i seen you in guidance,
i knew oneday we would have spoke,
the illusions of your blonde hair,
long as the silver water fall,
i knew that you would be there,
someone that i didnt have to call,
started talking on facebook,
she came right out of the blue,
to take the time i really took,
to get a beautiful look at you,

do you talk to people often?

girl where you from?

how long you been here?

if i called you , will you come?

Vamperific eyes,
and a cancer just like me,
tense in some places,
wanted our names on a tree,
oh what i give to see right through your soul again,
with those eyes making me mellow,
from you im high again,
just a couple of rebels,
born for what the world was for,
as cruel as that may seem,
we didnt leave with an open door,
we both trust issues,
but always played games,
look as old as we were,
we've been through the samething,
smoking what we could find,
in hopes that we dont turn to flames,
turn to fire when i hug you,
and kissing your pretty face,
i had no doubts,
well actually alot,
but i swear to god that would never cheat,
cross my heart or shot,
but she was already with me,
because of that mistake,
how she not know i did that,
just to get her attention fakely,
but mostly likely it didnt end that way,
felt like dieing that night,
calling on the phone and explaining,
as well as that night didnt go right,
and so i lost her,
hope she forgives me oneday,
but for now,
i dont wanna see her face,
and thats real.

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