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Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Melanie's Love"

"Melanie's Love"
By Arcassin Burnham

.....Shouldn't be taking for granted,
Even though her wishes aren't ,
I wish he could have been there,
But left you broken hearted,
Don't got time for all the gossip,
Say my name if you get lost,
In the mist of what's to come,
I won't let you fall and I won't pay the cost,
Cause the cost will have a budget,
I know I can reach it,
And when the price is right,
I will gladly teach it,
The kind of love you find at a bar,
And say what got you so down,
Rubs your shoulder,
Tell you its alright,
No need to frown,
The kind of love you need,
When your locked in prison,
She will be your loyal seed,
Every time your name she mentions,
Goes by the name of melz,
But I call her melly,
She's the inspiration of everything,
When I write,
Its steady,
Teaching it gladly,
Seeing smiles on her face,
When I met you ,
Knew you needed some space,
From the things that bothered you,
Assholes took advantage,
But I will stick by you,
Like a man and his loyal companion.
Love u melz

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