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Monday, September 29, 2014

"Love's Affair With Ignorance"

"Love's Affair With Ignorance"
By Arcassin Burnham

Committing suicide for someone you can't have,
I noticed the things you had,
Remembering the friendships and the kisses and the laughs,
Remember when you ran away from your dad,
Just to be with her she was 10 blocks from your house,
Backpack and a green bike,
Shortsighted from the words coming out of your mouth,
Getting there,
You always knew what she liked,
Throwing rocks at her window just to wake her,
Making all your worries go away,
Make her come down you wouldn't dare tell her,
Getting the ladder To climb up unless you got a better way,
So she did,
Climbing and falling through her window,
Gave her a long hug I bet you like the glances,
Staring in her face touching each others noses,
Kissed her lips and made her fall into a trance,
Making out on the bed,
Just have thought of how her parents will react,
Falling in love,
Telling her she has to go,
Test driving the illusion of realizing the fact,
That her parents don't know,
That their daughter is a born girl lover,
Telling dereck he's going to have to stop calling,
Love had an affair with ignorance,
So before you put that gun to your head,
Go back and be with her,
Otherwise stop stalling.

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