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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"SHE WAS 3" (Mastered Version)

By Arcassin Burnham

maybe i was wrong once before,

maybe i was wrong once before but,
she was,
the only thing to keep me from going insane,
i fly near the night,
telling myself,
what more can i gain,
to think it would ever change,
the heartaches and the pain,
and people forget your name,
but she didnt,
learning all the secrets,
and the foul plays,
with all the cruel intentions,
from the south,
it stays,
remember when i told you that i was a shy kid,
remember that the only thing i was,
was quiet,
remembering all the stupid stuff i did,
and when i did it ,
you were still there,
smooching and planting kisses,
you very sexual,
and couldnt tell anyone about it,
if your not anymore,
i really doubt it.

when i met you,
my heart was beating like drums,
and when i met you,
kisses deeper than it was,
you made me,
flee every scene,
just to meet you,
i swear to the lord,
that i wouldnt never leave you,
very loyal,
you were,
love cross the stars and the earth,
and the rhymes that i made for you,
reading wouldnt hurt,
remembering you changed my mind on alot of things,
when i didnt believe,
i saw the light,
you bring,
and when the sun is down,
neon lights are my passion,
wishing i could have the power,
to be in your position,
under your bed,
in your closet,
under your sheets,
in your bathroom,
reading the diary,
saying i was sweet,
but not knowing they will be ripped out soon,
and i hate it,
maybe i was wrong once before,
this feeling cant be shaked,
but its something i just cant ignore,

guess my prediction,
was right,
she called me on the phone,
and said she was done,
without saying goodbye,
plots been thickening,
the whole entire time,
too bad for suspense,
when you fall out of line,
i mean,
a few arguments here and there,
wouldnt be worth anyones time,
but the thing you have to see is,
you were out of line,
said some things you shouldnt have said,
leaving her crying out,
walk out the door,
and think you have it all figured out,
put your insecurities behind,
lead a new chapter,
will it all be the same,
like it really matters,
i told her it was all because im not satisfied,
what kinda drugs that i was on,
telling her that lie,
but she still cries,
and i still lie,
its like were not,
in love alot,
shes talks to me,
as if shes not,
and i dont care,
im all i got,
is she keeps screaming at the top of her lungs,
breaking my eardrums,
so away,
i run,

if it wasnt for me,
she wouldnt be like this,
what does a man have to do,
to get one more kiss,

if it wasnt for me,
she wouldnt be like this,
what does a man have to do,
to get one more kiss,

she was
she was
she was,

Part 3 should have been the understatement,
of what love is,
you shouldnt play with feelings,
you work so bad to get,
some people say this alot,
if the shoe fits,
what ever floats your boat,
or a hit-or-miss,
a mister should always have a miss,
forever love will survive,
if noones alone like this,

She was
She Was,

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