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Friday, September 12, 2014

"Wings Of Odd Dangers" (Full Mastered Version)

"Wings Of Odd Dangers"
(Full Version)
by Arcassin B
pulled out of the fire,
like a blaze,
telling you too many times,
its just one of those days,
cant keep dealing with the situation,
give me a light,
smoke it till i cant breathe,
just trying to loose sight,
and i keep telling myself,
man it will be alright,
in the kitchen cooking up a meal,
last me for the night,
you mite have that thought you could get the best of me,
but i keep doubting that you will,
i miss the anger in your voice,
i bet i make you furious,
please dont fade on me,
im losing you,
your delirious,
too selfish,
you get no love,
not even hate,
nor a reaction,
to the bullys,
and the victims,
we all have a calling,
as well as were all human,
the generation is falling.

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