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Friday, September 12, 2014

"Sunrise Park"

"Sunrise Park"
by Arcassin B
green bike,
and a bag of snacks,
told my mother in a hury,
that i would be back,
too bad i had to miss it on the way back,
to see the open lake and its beauty,
i had to miss that,
searching for a way to move around corners,
but not get attacked,
in a little apartment,
that we call home,
it would be accurate,
we were all alone,
daytona was big,
but it had alot of wrong,
but i was determined,
to see what it had to offer,
so i was always gone,
had alot of friends,
but they didnt last,
nothing could wash out,
the true colors they shown,
in love with one girl,
for the time being,
she was the one that i wanted,
but without any meaning,
used to come home everyday,
ready to play call of duty,
they would always get carried away,
but i miss you truly,
open up my eyes,
and i wouldnt give a shit,
if any of you recognized,

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