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Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Someone As Good"

"Someone As Good"
By Arcassin Burnham

Looking for someone as good as you,
In a long time,
I'm know I'm a shy average dude,
But we can spend time,
Been a long time since I seen your face,
Haven't seen at all really,
Im out of my place,
Let's go inside its kind of chilly,
So get closer,
I know your pretty impressed,
From the words that I told you,
As we talk longer,
Someone as good as you,
Would need someone to love,
I could,
Spread joy for you,
And sprout doves,
Knowing you need love,
Your characteristics are heaven sent,
Polygons change their shape,
Just elevating the lint,
I'm so in a trance,
But we were not talking about inception,
You turned my world upside down,
Experiencing the life lessons,
And your teachings,
Make me feel like I have to watch you from a far,
Like a beam of light,
That just struck my heart

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