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Friday, September 12, 2014

"When You Read It"

"When You Read It"
by Arcassin B
excuses have no uses,
when you fall in love,
type writer when there is nothing else,
write what you feel,
doesn't matter where you from,
been bullied constantly,
about something i can't control,
being nervous isn't easy,
when your 17 years old,
hiding from what the truth is,
trying to conceil it,
but thats my business,
fighter,not a talker,
i don't give a shit,
and when you read it,
hope you see what i been through,
with you,
coming home everyday,
with loosened shoe strings, they were blue,
got in a fight today,
they had the sky in fire as they lit a fuse,
wish i could cut off my skin,
but i don't have the balls,
finding the strength within,
to search for a greater flaws,
did you read it yet?

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