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Thursday, September 4, 2014

01. "Melissa" (E-X-S mini EP)

by Arcassin Burnham

met through my cousin and my sister,
to know,
it was i,
to be her mister,
never doubted her for who she really was,
it was really stupid what happen to us,
i could never change who i was then,
ya know with all suicide and bullying,
and for that i treated her unfair,
wishing everynight,
to feel my fingers through her hair,
i swear to god,
and the heavens,
i didnt mean to lead her on,
but at the time i needed love,
man , i wasnt really that strong,
came over some nights,
met up with her family,
the suspicion that they mite,
that they may have doubted me as the enemy,
started going places together in the fall,
to be with her every second,
i swear i had it all,
use to go to her house,
everyday we went to school,
to get rid of the illusion,
of having on these shoes,
or wearing this jacket,
or wearing these pants,
things they would make sly remarks to,
but if youre reading this,
i never meant to hurt you,
i just hated myself,
for being who i was to you,
not knowing myself.

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