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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Wolfman's Love"

By Arcassin Burnham

Teeth and claws,
Lot of kills and brawls,
Not use to staying up late,
But the moon can illustrate,
And have a love for a human being,
That can't be tamed,
For a love that has no name,
Oh I'm glad you feel the strain,
Got fur on my back,
Matching fangs,
Silver bullets are my only restraint,
Although I will not show it,
For this woman,
And even when it ends,
Still hearing the moanin',
Can not deal with the pain,
Every since the wolf bit my flesh,
Using abilities to my best,
Fur growing from my chest,
My speed and agility I confess,
Humans fall beneath like pest,
Angry mobs never loved me,
But she did,
They carried torches,
But she carried a set of lips,
That kissed my cheek and calmed me down,
From the moons embrace,
I would forget all the rage if I seen her face.

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