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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Self Empower (Ft. SPT)

Kings that sit on thrones,
We knock them off and take their place,
Mistake material of chrome,
But had to save the human race,

For humanity would die
If left in the hands of spite
For the story's long sojourn
Faces of death untold 
Handed down to those 
Who were only left to morn,

In a world were born,
Having insecurity and hatred,
Fighting the chronic masses,
Of whatevers being displayed,
Draculas blood sucking days are over,
Overrun with shame and regret,
Like dissing two teams,
And never looking back , amazed by it,

As I rise above he ashes 
Lifting my spirit to wind
Never looking back again
Defeated they stand
Together we win
As silence summons the horizons 
Standing under her son
Triumph births the dawn,

We do what we desire,
In your dreams there are no rules,
Birthing creations and cable wires,
Knowing there is no limit to what you do,

Then cut these strings
And free me to roam
For what life is this
If I can never
Be at home,
These words like wires
String from vein
Is not free will to hone
Learning my desire
Self empower.

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