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Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Mystic Pond" (ft.wolf spirit aka quinfinn)

a pond can be tranquility
and hold the secrets you can't see
beneath the surface lying deep
are all the fantasies you keep.....

Desires leak ,
Upon the stream,
No self control it tainted me,
My eyes are Grey,
The sky is blue,
The grass is green,
Come follow me,
I need sense of serenity,

then idle here upon my surface
surely your life has higher purpose
within the mystic water , calm
swim the warm pleasures, silent storm

Poring out desperate feelings,
From gold containers,
Evening high noon mornings,
When it thickens,
It becomes a figment of your imagination,

but what vessel to carry
the wrath of discontent?
for as we ride or die in life
from whence we came is where we went

Learning all you teachings of how you react,
It pays to have respect,
And if there's no respect,
In due time you wont get it back,
They paid the way for that,

and still water runs deep, the game is set
pay as you go, find no regret
the streets are fine, the streets are cool
but this pond of life ...can brand a fool

Like the fountain of youth,
But a little more clear,
Having you subdued,
Mixed with drunken chandeliers,

but the dance goes on
and if you down with it
then the fountains spew 
all the love to spin it

Inadequate to regret,
Having the water for a pet,
In your dreams will you forget,
All of the times that we spent,

and yet as we embrace
this life, this human waste
we love, and become fond
still waters, this mystic pond.

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