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Thursday, October 2, 2014

"True Intentions (Midnight's Forgiveness)"

By Arcassinburnham

Wanted to be more,
Can't find any other definition for that,
Im sorry for my ways,
And the betrayal,
Maybe How I acted,

My true feelings had no use for what you wanted,
And being friends wasn't what I imagined when I saw you,
I Grew into your character even more than I subjected,
I loved for us to be in perfect virtue,

I loved everything about you ,
The words you typed spoked for themselves,
Everyday it was about you,
But my feelings I couldn't help,
I just need you to understand,
How much I fucking care,
I love you more than I love myself,
But the hate I couldn't bare,
And tore me apart,
I needed some loyalty,
But when you in love,
Don't really care about privacy,
I cried for a night,
Thinking this couldn't have happened,
I missed you like the alignment,
And the eclipse,
And the mythical krakken,
I know your not into the love thing,
But it doesn't hurt to be a little more open,
You would be the type to not think about wedding rings,
But its all about finding the right person,
And what I found was an angel,
Then another angel shot me,
Then I fell for you instantly,
I was waiting more like pending,
It was all bout midnight midnight midnight,
And that night I sat on top my roof of the house crying,
Thinking was I doing something right,
I need you,
You went away,
Saw you sometimes,
But away I stayed,
I wanted you,
I wanted you,
I wanted you,
I wanted you,
And if you forgive,
Won't let nothing come between me and you,
Not anymore,
With some clarity,
Wishing one day that you marry,
And when your heart is ready to conceive,
I'll be there for you,
I miss you dearly,
And its killing me,
My true intentions was for you to love me,
I love you.

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