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Monday, October 6, 2014

"Charted Love" (ft. Elsa Angelica)

"Charted Love"
(Ft. Elsa Angelica)
By Arcassin B.
The hardest thing I ever had to do,
Is tell you that I love you,
Regretting staying friends,
In reality to never hurt you,
I miss the way you kiss me softly on the cheek,
Not knowing I like you,
It was like this every week,
Safe to say I haven't found the words to say,
Silence says a lot,
But in the end you gotta pay,

Hey its been a while that we've been friends
and I'm shaking at my knees
Cuz I've got some things to say.
Do you know how I use to think
I could never love another human being
but when my heart felt yours
This girl  changed really quick.

I noticed the feelings,
I could see it in your eyes,
Want to press my lips against yours,
Don't be surprised,
When I do,
I want you to feel absolute passion,
Kissing you,
Firecrackers in the sky taking action,
Feeling so loved,
With you sitting in the meadows,
The one I'm thinking of,
But not sneaking in windows,

Hey I just want to say,
don't get me wrong I'm not that kind.
I'm not not easy girl but with you
Its so so easy when it comes to you. 
I swear I just want to make crazy love to you. 
But if my skin never touches yours,
it is OK Cuz its your  touch I really crave.

I put you first,
In the mist of loving females
I need to rule the earth,
To make you queen of the outer relms,
Love u elsa

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