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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Shot Down" (ft. Lillieanna)

"Shot Down"

Silence may say nothing,
Bring it back to the way it was,
Love had a counting,
But we never was,
Meant to be,
In the mist of things be defined,
Went to the giving tree,
And told me it would be alright,

And everything will be fine
But the silence is still quiet
The love is not here
We are not anonymous
And nothing appears to be alright
The giving tree was wrong
No new pages came along


Do me a solid and don't let insecurity win,
Hate it when you get like this,
Its not like we can ever pretend,
Use your head,
We use the pen,
You should have got the message I sent,

But obviously you didn't 
I sit here alone
With a tear in my eye
With a frown 
My heart is aching 
I'm in pain

I have no memory,
Have no opening up wounds,
Combine with me,
Pushing me away,
Without clarity.

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