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Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Will Find" (ft. Kalypso)

"Will Find" (ft. Kalypso)
By Arcassin Burnham

So when the last time did you get a call from him,
He must really want you in his follows that Requiem,
I can it make better , if you wanna talk, 
If anything I wanna be one you should stalk
Invading all my privacy,
And telling me you love me,
The facts,
And lucid memory.

It has been a while since he sang poetry into my heart,
I knew he would be the end of me, from the start,
Enraptured in desire for his love alone,
Waiting all night by the silent phone,
Could I find in you, the comforting voice I need,
Find the flourishing flower of love's rooted seed,
The heartache,
And infatuated greed.

Silence always says a thousand words,
Painted a picture with your sentences when they occur,
You gotta get in the line or despare like everybody else,
No skips , no hold your place, you won't have any help,
Illusions of having wealth,
I plan to see you I can't help myself,
I never got down, on my knees for you,
I'm swimming for your love like Michael Phelps,
Will we fall in love ? The time will tell,
Calling you on the phone with volume excelled.

I hear what your meaning aloud an clear,
Gotta live my life bold with nothing to fear,
Pining over a fool, not worth holding my breath for, 
You walked into my life, I kicked him out the door,
Now I want you to understand what I am saying,
No need to swim for my love,
Or getting down on your knees praying,
All I need is a little of your affection,
and a little of your time,
To know if we come together,
like rhythm and rhyme,
Whatever the future holds, 
the two of us will find.

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