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Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Cheyenne / 7:39 kiss / Sticky Skin"

By Arcassin B


As young as you look,
You should have been a model,
I don't even know why you want me anyways,
But , things happen for a reason I don't toggle,
When you look into my eyes,
I get sense of adventure,
And that night I kissed your lips,
Will always be a memory worth a rapture,
You always knew just what to say,
Some things I depend on you for,
Even lost my best friend,
Cause he thought you were a whore,
I love you always and forever,
Even if your brothers around,
You take a bird from its feathers,
And you then flew me around.

"7:39 Kiss"

I couldn't stop kissing you tonight,
Taking about our worries,
Bodies pierced towards each other,
Dancing upon your lips in the moons rise,
Escaping the erge to let you go,
Can't see how much we belong in the night sky,
Taking my breath away when we suck our faces off,
Not a sexual reference,
I like this night,
Sad that I left.

"Sticky Skin"

Fun day we had,
Wishing we could do it again,
Me , you , and your brother,
Going on esponola road for adventure,
This all happen to today,
I also like this day.
Soda and water spilled over all of us,
Horse playing lol,
Good times....

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