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Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Danced With Satan"

By Arcassin Burnham

Princess of darkness,
Had my eye,
Like Horus eye,
Everything just fit the floor and died,
She ate a whole bowl of chilli peppers,
And not once,
Did she complain they were hot,
Said they weren't,
But I lied,
Long tongue,
Red hair,
Black streaks,
Evil laugh,
Knew just what to say,
With a clever art of craft,
Killers never lies,
Had a knot,
Yeah my brain was tied,
Had to hide my face,
Stars fell from the sky,
Twirling and swirling,
Her a beautiful blue dress,
Prayed before I came on this date,
But on the dancefloor she was hot mess,
Red eyes,
Had me thinking otherwise,
For the grace of god,
To do some dirty things,
Blue fire,
Burned the floor,
She could put a demon in a lot,
I just can't say anything,
She grabbing my pants,
She's pulling me close,
Sells me the ritual,
She says the end of you is close,
She told me all my flaws and all guilts,
I should punished,
Obsessive yelling,
And constantly chanting,
I just was astonished.

I think I danced with him.

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