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Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Understand Plz"

                                                  "Understand Plz"
                                                        BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Remember when i said , ill be all you need,
and to be the one to give you that lovely seed,
too many mistakes , 16 years made,
she was the only one that stuck by like mayonaise,
i see you got my letter in return you write me back,
maybe if show me love alittle more , i wouldnt be so attached,
headphones rockin to the beat,
musin for my soul , of my heart's defeat,
even though i cant admit it to ya,
promised everyone and god , that id be there for ya,
too manys hucci's and players in our lives to be dealt with,
you try to shake em , off you but we do is just quit,,
cause every other day , i wanna be with your pretty self,
it kills me , from the feelins that i bare,
and even for the decisions , i dont need no help,
im really starting not to care.

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