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Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Another Pretty Face (But An Evil Past) (Full Version)

                         "Another Pretty Face (But An Evil Past)"
                                    (full Version)
                              by Arcassin Burnham

use to be the one,
with a life lesson,
facebook texting , kinda happy,
with your dimples, or the fessions,
you told me lastnight before,
now hoping you didnt go away,
is there room for my love to store,
because my love was here to stay,
doing wrong in the school that you went to,
lessons gone , but still in life will occur with you,
but no matter how many lies you told in the past,
youll still be the same girl,
i met back in 8th grade class,
black make-up , there were no limits to you,
for others the would shake up , and wouldnt talk to you,
i was only one that cared besides your mom,
i started to love you , like you were my own,
but you recented me from your life,
so getting you back was my mission,
of one day making you my wife,
lighting candles with the matches , glass extinction,
and til this day i still love you,
dont know where you,
i hope your not in the land of virtue,
in fact , i would be very sad,
if death already got to you.

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