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Monday, August 26, 2013

"Blue Flowers" (Photo By Ashley Tisdale)

                                " Blue Flowers" by arcassin burnham
                             photo by Ashley Tisdale                            

Nobody likes a negative person,
but i was watching t.v thinking about what my girl is doing,
but instead she up and call me ,
wasnt in her intentions just to stall me,
fake smiles , and fake friends,
too beautiful to hang out with such pesants,
you are the key to my blessings,,
i wanted to send you that message,
but we were talking on the phone,
and i only have sweet things to say,
we were up late at night,
i dont care what the cost , for your love i will fight,
i dont need nobody else,
except you and your blue flowers,
always loved the way you smiled,
girl the sun is falling , please just stay for awhile,

i need ya blue flowers.

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