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Saturday, August 24, 2013

"SHE WAS" (Starring Kira Alexander)



                                          "SHE WAS" by arcassin burnham

this night for us, will never change at all
to fall in love , there will be no install,
i say with reason , i have no choise,
she was the reason , i couldnt find my voice,

i took the paint off the walls, and laided it all down,
she gave me call, but without thinkin twice , guess i wasnt around,
she gives me goosebumps and chills , everytime she speaks,
die in order to live , forever in my heart , she weaps,

she was everything that i expected, i had no doubts at all,
i better be chill and corrected, to survive through it all,
kisses on cheek , another change of heart,
the way you talk to me , avoid you , is the tree i wont bark,

she was,
she was,
she was,
everything a brother wanted,
and more...........

she was,
putting in the better hours , to spend time with me,
and not her brothers,
she was,
my heart soul, i poured for the others,
some other times she dances in the grass,
no way , she would be undercover,
she was,
she was,
she was.  SHE WAS


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