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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"CASE & Lexii"

                                                     "Case & Lexii"
                      by Arcassin Burnham

just two,
induvidual teens,
that want the same thing,
they got love , maybe the only thing they hang on to,
crazy families , pain suffering from many others,
we came this far, im so in to you,
and when im into , you'll feel me,
thrusting at the sight of what i should eat,
we been thru things that were real,
or unexected , i want your kisses to be sloppy and sweet,
doing crazy things , like we do when were under pressure,
and the people that piss us off,
real talk , for the record,
every Ex we had done flew off, we delete them,
call it microsoft 
you baby , and i want you forever,
wont give you no bullshit, like the end of a drum roll,
no matter what the weather,
those other boys are pathetic, while we remain together,
city of gold,

i love you.

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