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Monday, August 5, 2013

"Be Quiet"

                                                               "Be Quiet"
                           by Arcassin Burnham

your silence , saids athousand words,
thoughts about my skin, but they were kind slurs,
put me in your head , so i'll know what your thinking,
on the other side of the phone , while you constantly drinking lol,
listening to pandit , while i drink myself to sleep,
hopin that she call me back granted , i would not even speak,
talk to me more , and letting my sorrows just drift away,
now shes on speaking terms , but shes only 8 hours away,
i love her dearly , like the other side of my bed,
and not they can see clearly , imagination filled with dredd,
Be Quiet , i dont my grandmother to hear us,
naw im lying , its my sister , and its just us <3

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