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Friday, August 9, 2013

"Smoke Of You"

                                                 " SMoke OF You"
                             by arcassin b ________

mood swings,
the devil laughs,
the weathers forecast , in your brain,
would only allow you to know so much,
but you puff, in a sense it starts to get tough,
biting your upper lip,
to control the intensity,
flowers dont bloom unless , you learn to love your enemies,
and work with aliens from outer space,
if only they knew
too many games to play , the night was young,
in the backseat of a toyoda,
in the parking llot of ametures,
and the alcohol in your cup,
you would have though you had an adventure,
he aint worth it, he aint worth it , she saids,
but let-alone she still cares , cause she knew he was a good guy,
twinkle in her eyes,
and a blunt , filled with pain-killers,
smokes to clear her head , of the man she lost,
another puff for you,
another high to you,
another smoke of you,
to change what i have been though.

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