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Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Lies Of A Cheater (Digi)"

                                   "Lies Of A Cheater (Digi)"
                         by ARcassin BUrnham

making sure you safely get her home and,
treat her right with a single smile shes shown and,
make her feel like shes the only one you've ever known ,that,
can keep her guessing what else the distant future mite hold and,
get her thinkin every guy is not the same and,
like she hasnt already guessed and,
lift her spirits up like the crane that,
picked the pieces of twin towers fell to rest and,

she doesnt know,
she doesnt know,
and she doesnt know,

meanwhile you got another girl at home and,
and shes been waiting hours of the night for you to come and,
feel guilty knowing in the end you'll be alone and,
and the moment that she finds out will apperently come,\

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