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Friday, August 2, 2013

"Issues With Love" (Photo BY Griffin Haras)

                                                         "Issues With Love"
                              photo by Griffin Haras
                           poem by Arcassin BUrnham

i have trust issues on love,
since that day i was accused of cheating,
and for that now , i trust no girl,
instead of healing my soul , you gave me the meaning,
and sometimes i tried to be the best boyfriend for girls,
but what i feel is tested in the end,
i dont trust anything you do , in this world,
thats why sometimes i wish the world did end,
now-a-days any girl would be lucky to have me,
because what i say is true , and just want your love,
most would end up and leave , like why you hurt me?
but departure was the only thing i was thinking of,
and i dont like how certain things in life keeps us apart,
and you up and run away , because you have doubts,
but when you chew me up and spit me out,
be on your guard , you betta watch out,
no more drama , drama you cant have me,
tired of giving up my heart to these females,
i just some sense of common empathy,
and later soon know my life , explained in details.

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