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Friday, August 2, 2013

"I'll Be" / "Being Mine"

                                                                  "I'll BE"
                         BY arcassin B

ill be,
like the guiding force in your life,
ill be,
the dreams that you never had , its seems different this time,
ill be,
the creator of our child,
ill be,
the provider , the protecter, make you smile,
ill be,
your husband , and your only one,
ill be,
the moring that wakes up our son,
ill be ,
the one.

                                      "Being Mine" BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

im so glad to call,
you mine,
kissin and touchin,
we do,
im so glad i fall,
a short time,
for somebody,
like you,

Being Mine,
Being Mine,
Being Mine,

Repeats in my head from the sounds of your screams,
i need a pain killer,
for i am uprehended in your needs,
i love you.

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