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Friday, August 2, 2013

"Lay Me Down"

                              "Lay Me Down" by Arcassin Burnham

tell me you love then you kiss me on my lips,
take off my shirt,
for your skin i take a couple sips,
searching for a love like this for awhile,
things we do so intimate , fall in love while you lay me down,

Lay me down,

pinks bras and purple panties, 
dosen't match , i dont care to me its sexy,
do you what you want with me tonite,
because tonite it is,
the night where we drown in love and love itsself,
starting with a kiss,
Lay me down,

kiss your neck , so softly ,
like the frantic loveseat,
loving you is heavenly or godly,
maybe he will lets us proceed,
put all your love in me tonite,
take you on a ride,
then we could up and fly away,
in this bed tonight.

Lay me down.

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