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Saturday, August 17, 2013

01. "All Night" - All Night EP

                                                                     01. All Night
                                                              by Arcassin Burnham

Strawberita looking at the pale glass,
in the back of my eyes,
let the children be the first to crash,
glass on floor ,
step on it,
but no blood leaks,
but the way you talk to me,
is divine,
so let the lord speak,
if i die tonight,
dont let my death in vain,
for the same reason why i dont wanna live,
we mite party all time 
but nobody grips the grains.
the night is young ,
bandanas ,
and alot of making-out,
wanna get out and see the world and its treasures,
but i dont know how to,
so i run the fact i dont want you,
and i party cause im trying to forget you,
All night.

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