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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Way It Use To Be (Her Lovin Her Revised)"

"Way It Use To Be (Her Lovin Her Revised)"

By Arcassin Burnham

How do you make light of bad situation
Evolving sexuality?
Wanna go back to the way it use to be,
I'm not appalled in the slightest,
I thought that we'd elevate the highest,
There's no one else I rather love but you,
You made my life a reality,
My hair was short,
Cut like a man,
And even though I didn't like lesbians,
I didn't fully understand,
But the difference in you,
Made it all worth while,
You never fathemed your face,
But I worshipped your smile,
 Kissing you was like heaven,
Something I didn't believe,
Until that night at the lake,
When you came out to me,
Couldn't explain what we had going on,
Somethings wrong,
Putting muscle on my emotions love,
it was strong,
I think of us on a daily basis
Whenever your gone,
I see the room is very spacious,
Whenever I hit the bong,
Going to school with this smile on my face,
You're the epitome for a better human race,
When you asked me to stay,
Have no reasons for a depressing day,
When I see you,
I realize it will be okay,
Thinking this was all just another phase,
But little did we know the worst was coming our way....

Someone knew 
About our little affair,
Told the whole school,
I just couldn't bare,
You stayed home
While I went there,
Holding up their camera phones,
Wait hold up!
Fuck your ignorant childish laughter,
So what !? I kissed a girl,
Shes my everything 
And I promise I would give her the world,
And further more,
I walk with a demon by my side baby,
Swear you can't deny baby,
Popular girls are cheap sluts 
And dirty,
Memories are a little slurry,
Feeling like Jeanette McCurdy,
If I don't get out of here,
Gonna act like a different person,
I was never a quiet person,
I just never took no mercy,
I was born with several burdens,
Strong,so that you'll never hurt me,

*took me by surprise*,
*I didn't realize*,
*I could have went to you*,
*why did you do it*,
*why did you do this to me*,
*they found you hung on a ceiling fan*,
*I didn't know it affected that bad*,
*I miss your smile*,
*everything about you*,

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