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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

8. Black Mist & Crows - (18 Part 3 mEP)

08. Black Mist & Crows - (18 Part 3 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Devil and God on my shoulders,
Causing so much ruckus,
In giving up,
Man that's the end of my discussion,
Everyone wants to know your flaws,
I wouldn't dream of it,
Adele sings you could have had it all,
But most of us have nothing,
Your a number,
Just like every human being,
It would be a desirable choice to not become a public enemy,
I mean I feel where your coming from,
But at what cost,
Lost the only father figure,
Now your hearts frost,
Like the frozen tundra,
When its said and done,
Make it to a lot commas,
Whenever will the money come,
So when I say I walk through the valley in the the shadow of death,
In my terms , I'm saying what is there to come in my future,
Who's gonna ever have your back when you have nothing left,
Its just all black mist and flying crows hoping your soul won't lecture.

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