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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

07. The Bible's A Comic Book - Changed mEP

07. The Bible's A Comic Book

By Arcassin Burnham

I'm Riding waves to taste life in a catastrophe,
They let you know everytime,
The feeling is beautiful,
It was like fire,
Bursting from automobiles,
We all have our careless thoughts, 
Notice how pretty you are,
The ignorance comes with value,
I hope you could reach the bar,
And I hope this doesn't affect having a life,
Making every second count courageously,
Ignorance is also bliss,
Let it come true,
Shadows passing into mine,
What a great escape of being trapped,
I will not quit,
I will not be tamed,
Unless it confiscates on my eternal frame,
You make your stew,
Only you know you,
Somethings in life we overlook,
Ignorance is at an all time high,
So ignorant,
They think the bibles a comic book.

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