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Wednesday, July 1, 2015



By Arcassin Burnham

I gotta be a man for you,
Eliminate The circumstance for you,
There's no other quick way to prove,
How deeply I'm so in love with you,
We create our own little horror story,
Witches and covens make the best out of a love spell,
I couldn't tell,
You give me no hell,
But you make me tear up when I stare down at you,
Watching the light as it propelled,
Giving pride to others when you react alot,
Serving the audience like giving out crack,
In plastic bags where the dreams grow,
So does the shrums,
I swear your ambition can consume,
Replace my fragments,
Kissing would be hell and heaven,
Screaming back and forth,
We'll never get into one,
I love more than the sun,
If I could blow it for you I would,
Do something your feelings never could,
I miss you violet.

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